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Trieste. © M.Rönkä

The captain is originally from Joensuu. First mate is from Trieste. Helsinki became our shared hometown, but our roots resemble more the tentacles of a jellyfish than the taproot of a pine. On the other hand, our age is starting to resemble more that of an ancient pine. We can no longer waste time waiting. Let's get rid of the sofa* and start the journey.

Kapu has a long sailing history. Försti does not. Fortunately, we've been able to practice together to some extent and test each other's ways of reacting to different situations, on the boat, in the water, with water in the boat, and on land.

Vali & Macko

Since the preliminary research trip (ET) for a journey like this would cost a lot, we have focusing on digital background research. Uma (link above) is one of the many vlogs we've followed. We've also consumed a considerable number of blogs, and haven't avoided analog publications either. The piles of books on our nightstands were quite sailing-focused.


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