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Mia Kankimäki - Naiset joita ajattelen öisin

The Transition from Work Life to Departure is at Hand for the Crew Member as Well

Mixed feelings. On the penultimate day at the office, there were many wonderful encounters. The conversations were very different from the usual ones during a regular workday. They focused on shared great and perhaps even daring projects, travels, our upcoming departure, and the preparations for it.

I’m a big hugger, and on days like these, there’s a good excuse for it. None of them were the quick, casual hugs passed off in a hurry; rather, they were strong, heartfelt embraces filled with many thoughts. I managed to hold back the tears (waves!). It would have looked pretty bad walking down the hallways with red eyes. It would have been a strange sight. I assure you that I am happy with this decision and the opportunity to embark on this upcoming adventure, wherever it may take us.



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