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Lähestyvä lähtö

Herttoniemenranta, pääskyset
Herttoniemenranta vuonna 2017


First, there is a big dream, and if you are really lucky, it turns into a plan. It takes courage. The courage to say it out loud. To set a date. To carry out the plan.

Swallows don't have to think about such things. For them, it seems to be innate, the desire and need to leave. Our favorite bird, the bringer of summer. Often, it makes us wait. It doesn’t look at the calendar but comes with the warmth.

For the next few months, our motto will need to hold true more than when we were working:

We are not where we should be, nor at the time we should be there.

June 6th, maybe we’ll leave. Maybe not. We’ll leave the next day if there's not too much wind from the wrong direction and that last window has been replaced. We'll head to Vallisaari, or maybe Jussarö to start with. We'll stay there for a day, or a week. Enjoy nature, read books, listen to music. Or we might replace that window that we didn’t get around to replacing.

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