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S&X@V 10. Lisboa

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

Sailing to Lisboa for a local is a bit emotional and from a surprisingly unusual point of view. From Cascais to Lisbon the trip is along the coast line and once in river Tejo which its wide river mouth is watched by the Bugio island fortress you start to watch all the historical monuments along the river bank that were builded in memory of the glorious moment of national history of the unknown sea exploring which makes part of our culture: africa, brazil, india, indochina, japan.

What an overwhelming experience to be forever grateful for! Never expected that the river entering the sea would have an almost drawn line. Quite a restless this different colours and densities waters gathering. The slow approach of the marina passing by to every iconic monument and at our right shoulder hometown riverbank. Looking ahead, there now gorgeous living bow figure also emotional, recording everything in her memory and camera. Maybe feeling a bit like her father many years ago on board of Americo Vespucci.

Victoria stayed in Lisboa for some days at the city marina that is quite in the city center therefore very handy to general shopping, sightseeing, transports, boat works, etc. The crew had even the opportunity of a non rocking bed and toilet, meet again sailing friends and go out to a special dinner at Maria Da Mouraria, where the food is side dish and main course is the emotional fado music and a cappella singing.

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