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S&X@V 11. Sesimbra, Alcácer do Sal and Monsaraz

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

The south was calling and it was time to leave the noisy city marina and sail to Sesimbra passing by to our local dive spots near cabo Espichel.

This village is a fisherman's town that is faced south therefore protected from the prevailing north winds.

The marina is small but the anchoring points at the bay allow a relaxed overnight stay with a gorgeous view to the amphitheatre like town that covers the steep cliffs.

Night out for some seafood and other delicious petiscos (to share portions that normally are served without any side dish besides bread), and use our hands to dip bread in simple sauces that almost always contain garlic, olive oil and flavour of seafood/meat.

While Victoria was resting at Sesimbra bay, we took the crew for a tour to our favourite spots in Portugal but this time driving. Alcácer do Sal First destination was Alcacer do Sal, quiet by river Sado, old town full of history since ever (Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims, ...) and had a connection with this trip, beside food, here is hometown of Pedro Nunes who invented Nonius in 1542, a measuring tool used in navigation and astronomy . Our connection with adventures in the sea. Alcacer has some bucolic feeling and hidden charm. With one the toes on Lisbon metropolitan area vicinity and all the rest in rural Alentejo its people are all you hear about this region's way of life. Rough edges and lots of sarcasm, especially to city people. Lunch was at “a descoberta” with some razorclams rice, black pig and so on. Wine was from Quinta da Barrosinha a winery at the village limits. At a terrace by the river, clear blue sky and a warm sun to make our guests glow even more. A large flock of storks flew over the skies, as this area is full of rice fields.



Heading east to the other favourite place, Monsaraz. We crossed Alentejo plains taking all secondary roads possible. Vast sceneries, where time goes at different speeds with totally different concepts. Views of field of lots of cork oak trees.

Arrival to the region of grande lago Alqueva (big lake alqueva) the biggest artificial lake in europe the change in the landscape is abrupt with a 250km2 lake in the middle of a quite dry area and huge dam. Some km’s before and there it was, the whitewash town over the hill, with a medieval wall and the pavement made of schist. Majestic! Overlooking the lake, the spanish border, the fields. Inside it was so so quiet, tourists bus left a while ago. It is Sunday afternoon they are all going home before night fall. And we had this almost just for us. Wambling the narrow irregular streets with warm light sense in the air, time was running soooo slow… A small snake was warming up quietly without getting bored. At the end of the town, the castle, the tower balconies, and the bull fight arena that holds the local tradition of yearly festivities.

The purpose of being here to watch the sunset was failed, low clouds in the horizon overlayed the sun. Next time. It was time to go back, Victoria was alone in the bay and dark night (and still no mast lights) Long day of touring but amazing. Last stop was at Vendas Novas for bifanas. Can’t pass without it.

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