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S&X@V 6. Porto

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

20 - 23 September

With the forecasts of some not so pleasant weather, Porto was the next spot to visit and maybe stay until Neptune relaxed.

Arriving at Porto Marina, which is located in Douro River, you get a glimpse of the beautiful city and several bridges.

The big marina located on the south bank is close to a typical fisherman's neighborhood of São Pedro da Afurada. Meaning that there’s lots of fresh fish restaurants to choose from and also some not so touristicall everyday living including the old style community laundry that are still daily attended by women manually washing their soiled laundry and linens, that are left to dry outside on the rope. TIP: At restaurante Casa do Pescador the menu 2 person portion of sea-food bean stew (32€) or fisherman's stew (32€) goes nicely for 4 persons with lots of appetite. We asked both and at the end of the meal asked two take-away boxes that fed us for 3 more meals... Neptune rage days were spent in Porto visiting the city and of course trying the local delicatessen like the Francesinha (ham, cheese, beef, sausage sandwich served with a rich spicy sauce and french fries) and the Sandes de Pernil (slow cooked pig leg with lots of spices) at Casa Guedes a city institution for its typical “street food”.

Sometimes at night, after feeling our stomachs and hearts with Vali’s food, we exchanged musical preferences and played some yatzy. Life on board of Victoria was simply marvellous! One of the days was spent visiting the wine region that is located upstream Douro and the typical touristic pack is to take a train (old enough not to be used anymore for commuting service but recent enough to not be a classic, eg, noisy and shaky piece of junk that should be dismantled) at amazing São Bento station and for almost one long hour takes you to suburbs until finally goes along the river till Peso da Regua, the hearth of Porto wine industry. A tourist cruise boat awaits there, across the road and will slowly travel downstream to Porto along the meandering path of the river and through the impressive enclosures some with more that 30m and not much space left on the sides for the boat.

Arrival to Porto is at the end of the afternoon just in time for a beer at the terraces by the river and feeling that you are in the postcard of an UNESCO heritage site that is Ribeira do Porto.

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