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S&X@V 7. Nazare

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

Porto-Nazare 24th September Porto overall sightseeing was made and the forecast was showing a window of less choppy sea and maybe some wind. It was time to hit the sea sailors! Getting out of the river to the open sea was a bit of an adventure and the first show of weakness was given. But what should you do? Getting to the bunk and rest while the great adventurers did the job, turned out to be the best solution.

Planning a day sailing until Aveiro, those plans had to be reassessed as many times as the existing harbors until Nazaré. All have sandbanks close to the entry and aren’t safe to be navigated with choppy seas. Thus taking us to our first experience of sailing all day and night, non-stop. Vali and Miko had to take shifts at the helm and we: some sea sickness pills, naps, delicious cup soups and snacks, small chats with the captain on duty.

While in the bunk, all sorts of noises from inside Victoria, as we were in a womb. Will we overcome this trial? Nazare - 25th Recently famous worldwide for its canyon that channels the atlantic swell through it and speeds up the current lifting the mass of sea above it, creating perfect huge waves of 20-30m. And called by the brave and courageous big-wave surfers by: The Beast. Sailing from north you may stump on it and do not even notice until the depth meter goes crazy all of the sudden. Us too, when the captain pointed where the marina was. And at the horizon just the canyon location and mind pictures of the big waves and us there... Well such inexperienced “sailors” didn’t realize yet that at this distance on open sea, all looks quite close. But must confess that once closer to the marina finally some relaxation and deep breath. After all, it was easy to get into the marina that is quite big and the entry to it revealed to be quite relaxed, the big waves are quite far from it.

Back to land, back to great restaurants. And at Nazare you get lost with the offer. Choice for lunch was Garret McManamara’s favourite place: Restaurante Celeste. Cozy place with home style cooking and very efficient service. Next day lunch the promise was to visit Aki d’el Mar, the seafood cathedral that is served in disposable like aluminium take-away boxes, the chilli sauce fried shrimps on the frying pan, guloso toasted bread with just enough amount of butter, super cold beer or tap vinho-verde. The moment of the meal: you ask for coffee and they bring you a 1dc glass of stout beer. There’s no coffee or desert in this place. They leave that business the neighbors. Taking friends to this place is always a double joy, getting stuffed with good food and watching the eyegasms on their faces. So pleasing. It was delightful hearing our hosts, by Nazaré beach waves, that is amazing to be in a place that you only know from documentaries, where you can listen to the overwhelming sound of the waves crashing on the beach and feel the sea mist and splashes. Walking on the immense sandy beach and relaxing, simply enjoy the communion with nature. And we were blessed with an evening entry coloured with a magnificent sunset, flaring from that cafe terrace where we celebrated life and our lives.

So good, just appreciate this days with no car, just by the rhythm of life, just like breathing, inhale... exhale....

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