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S&X@V 9. Cascais

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

After sailing from Nazare to Cascais, Victoria crew informed staff on land that they would stay anchored there for a while enjoying the relaxed village of Cascais and its bay. Cascais is posh village with a reasonable quiet rhythm, once elected place for exiled european monarch families (spanish, italian, romenian, french, etc.) during the 20th century 40’s and 50´s also spies from both sides enjoying the bourgeois living of a “neutral” country that accepted all foreign currencies while keeping well tamed and uninformed its citizens. Nowadays is still a bit posh suburban area of Lisbon with lots of tourists that seek a sunny and quiet place to live or rest 40min from the capital.

Variety of restaurants are the usual for a tourist spot: not so much traditional, pricy and below average quality. But online hints were given and the must try spot is Santini Ice-creams. Can’t leave town without trying half of the available flavours.

With Victoria at Cascais and planning to sail along the coast to Lisbon, the opportunity to finally enter the city by the river had to be taken. Some bus, ferry, train trips after and back on board of Victoria and another emotional hello to the crew that were needy of local flavours like the typical takeaway lunch (charcoal roasted chicken with hot sauce), the type of food you all end up in almost obscene moment: finger leaking (individual :) )

A relaxed day balancing in the bay, some sightseeing and a dinner in town with some more seafood and a try of sea urchin (out of the season but still good), giant prawns and juicy fresh grilled fish at the village market restaurant.

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