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S&X@V 2. Ensenada da Barra

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

13th-14th September No hurry but we were going to leave “busy” Vigo to their previous anchorage point: Enseada da Barra. More appealing to be anchored at a quiet cove waiting for permission from the nature park authorities to anchor at the Islas archipelago. Right on the first day of sailing we were presented with dolphins swimming alongside Victoria. What a welcoming committee ! At the end of the night and already anchored the backdrop was a star filled sky and full moon, it was the preparation for a new solar year, what an amazing metaphor: Learn to rock with, sea will rock you, Victoria shelters you like a cradle. Enjoying the good company, the chating and the full to empty glass cycles, the night had all the great capture moments to ever be in our memories: city lights and sparkling soft hills as backdrop, full moon natural light momentaneously hidden by bed silk sheet like clouds and a flat almost oily looking antracite surface gently lulling the floating figures and reflexions.

It was right on the first morning on board that we noticed the crew daily rhythm. There is no such thing like big plans, routines or time-schedules. Even the time notion is vague to them, having a very light idea of the day of the week and month were. Being for some months sailing our hosts were enjoying (without realising yet) the wonderful life of total detachment to the clock and calendar, simply meaning that they were enjoying the moment and could keep enjoying it if they wanted to. As loved ones, that was so delightful to witness and appreciate. Waking-up and just by the first look with only eyes coming out of the cabin, there it was: Praia da Barra, white sand beach and pine forests, with turquoise cold (15ºC) water. Not a picture anymore, an unforgettable memory. Totally understandable why they already spent some days here and why they wanted to be back here with us and great us with this. What a way to start a birthday anniversary! Sunny, warm couple of days with this every day postcard and some trekking, over the cliffs and paths through pine forest that lead to more secluded coves and white sand beaches or lighthouses, always with the appealing turquoise crystal waters on sight.

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