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Sergio & Xana @Victoria - 1

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

Vigo 12-13 September 2019

Traveling on a sailboat was a dream we add, but have never dreamed of doing it with friends and along our country coast line. (Chief mate) Vali and (Captain) Mikko gave us that wonderful opportunity to hop on board their beloved S/Y Victoria, and share a bit of their sail the world enterprise, which started at Helsinki.

Our experience has two ways to be narrated: exposing all the details kept in our minds or giving voice to our hearts. Hard to choose, we’ll be mixing both. And not to forget, love sometimes is found in details, even in food :)

We remember it was a full moon and departure to Vigo would be in 24h. s/y Victoria had just published a magnificent picture of their anchoring point at a beautiful cove (Ensenada da Barra). The instructions about packing were clear and simple: soft bags, overhaul jacket for rain and wind, and white non-marking shoes to not scratch or soil the pristine white of the recently coated deck. And what should we pack for these days? How many days will we be able to endure at sea? What are the possible scenarios? The plan was not to have days scheduled, could be two or all vacation days (15), we’ll go with the flow. Take the basics and let the time go by. Everyday life on a boat is a new concept for us, but surely easily we’ll adapt. The main thing is: don’t do anything if you aren’t asked to do it by the captain and if you are not sure about how to do it, don’t do it. Let the crew do their job without being extra worried with you. Toilet use instructions were clear and easy (the knob and pump to be more precise, the rest we figured out some years ago).

This is the some years ago. How to use a boat toilet -course 1.0. Helsinki

But what was in our minds was: how will all be at the big imposing atlantic ocean? Seven months had passed since our short meeting at Helsinki but captain was high on drugs enjoying recovery period after his plastic surgery (too good looking to go on sail trip around the world) and chief-mate had her mind 24h on lifting something, the other 24h of the day on captain recovery and spare hours were to keeping her pretty eyes on Victoria that was alone at North Tallin home harbour. (Well this is how we call Herttoniemenranta - it's another story the crew might tell some day :D - Vali & Mikko) So not the most intense gathering, plus Victoria decided, shortly after, to demand some extra attention and plastic (more wood and metal) surgery going on an immersion bath while at the home harbour, simultaneously testing the crew skills to deal and cope with the unexpected and resilience. Thus meaning that we were super excited to meet this fofinhos conquerors of our hearts since 2013 at Red Sea, Egypt. Vigo - 13th September 2019

After their Baltic Sea, North Sea, Celtic Sea and Biscay Bay adventures, they were lazy traveling at the Rias Baixas area of Galicia and we took a bus to meet them at Vigo. And there they were at 06:00, near art Deco building of Real Nautico de Vigo, in the morning waiting for us with smiles, kisses and hugs as warm as the fresh brewed coffee. And of course our home for the next couple of weeks, was there: magnificent and splendorous after some deserved love and care at Muros.

Some rest and let's explore vibrant Vigo. What best way to know a city especially when two Portuguese, an half-italian and a Finnish gourmand meet? Let's find a nice place to eat! Checking tripadvisor and shall we go to Taberna A Pedra. And what a great recommendation... even the bread was delicious. Bellyful and some more (not much) walk around the city and time to have a light dinner on board.

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