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S&X@V 4. Baiona

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

18th September Morning wake up and fog was dense, no islands or most boats anymore. Sailing to Baiona was going to require double care and some more looking up to Victoria electronic gizmos. (leave those nautical terms to the captain) After some hours of sailing through dense fog, Baiona showed up suddenly in the mist, a big marina watched by the Monterreal Castle and with an illustrious resident: a replica of Columbus fleet fastest vessel Pinta which the original sailed across the Atlantic till Baiona with the latest news of the fleet commandant bad knowledged of the seas but tremendous luck, since he had bumped into some rocks far west from there and decided to kill all living creatures and take borrowed indefinitely all that had some value.

Usual procedures with the harbor master and it was time to check the city, do some grocery shopping and choose where to have dinner.

It was the first time that we witnessed something so incredible or watch the unbelieving face of someone who is asked to pack meio kilo ham, sliced in moment. (The Captain - he just loves having ham for breakfast.. -Vali) As in most of spanish towns, nightlife is highly appreciated every day of the week, month and year. People go out to have dinner, drink with friends, watch football at cafes and socialize. During the day walking it seemed that the old city had various restaurants offering many different tapas and the decision to hop from taperia to taperia. Recuncho Marineiro revealed to be excellent. Having one more rich experience of local cuisine and nightlife style. Reasonable amounts of food, drink and huge amounts of fun.

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