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S&X@V 8. Peniche

Päivitetty: 19. toukok. 2020

From Nazare we left for one more day sailing to reach Peniche, a fishing harbour also famous for surfing. During this leg of the trip the waves were huge but smooth, felt like Victoria was in a carousel gently floating the huge waves, sometimes surfing them, it was an overwhelming experience.

Arriving at Peniche and after several tries to contact the harbour master (it was sunday…) and some attempts to anchor inside the sheltered zone captain decided to anchor close to the beach (bech name pipeline) so night would have some swell and it had. :) But no surfing.

Next day we found a vacant berth to Victoria and there we went, it was time to pack and leave Victoria and the crew. Not before trying Sardinha one the most famous restaurants in town where a wide variety of fresh fish is available and with high quality as you may wander but the cues to get a vacancy for a nice meal.

The see you later and have a nice trip moment was close and the bus didn't wait. Emotional moments are as hard to handle as great to remember. Soon we would meet again in Lisboa. It was two incredible weeks, no city rumble, no driving, all the hurries imposed by the world laid down on land, therefore here at the sea you take life letting life take you.

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